Chapter 3 But he also had a code. It also includes characters and story lines from the Knight of the Old Republic comic series. “He led them into the darkness of the outer rim in pursuit of the Mandalorians,” he argued. He didn’t want her getting the idea he was turning on her, using the force he sent one of beasts flying into a tree with enough force to break its back. I ask that you ensure he returns to me once your mission is complete,” he requested. Both of these walking dead should have died on Malachor, but somehow their powers had allowed them to survive, even if dangerously altered. “We’ll join you,” Zayne finally said after searching for an answer while getting lost in Jarael’s eyes. It was ingrained within the man. “That Wookiee is no chief,” Canderous spat. “Now if you are paying attention, I said I know where you can find the ‘madclaw’ although to be honest it isn’t mad in my opinion,” he told them as he rubbed his chin in thought. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works While the Revanchists were hailed as heroes by the Republic and its citizens, some of those Jedi abandoned the war when they saw how thoughtlessly Revan approached the dark side. He strode up to his Master before kneeling. “I...,” he trailed off hoping to convince her he was suffering some sort of memory slip. Bastila was again filled with the possessiveness of Revan where she was concerned, still wondering if the bond had joined them far more closely than the council had surmised. Canderous was sharp and cunning, he was fast on the draw and willing to kill when necessary. He would let it sink it along with his admission of liking her for more than her skills; he had time to win her to his side. She was too tenacious not too, not that he minded as he admired it, especially in her. The beast was a result of dark side experiments made long ago. She was pushed back by the pure strength of the Wookiee, but she kept her footing and fought back. “I don’t believe Malak is the source,” Master Dorak argued very troubled by this sudden break in his connection with the force. They got on the lift and waited as they were slowly lowered down. “How many thousands died while they sat and preached understanding and patience?” he asked her, but he didn’t expect a response. When she actually thought over this revelation she found herself almost blushing in pleasure at gaining such a reaction from him. Revan felt there was more to this story than Chuundar was saying. “A feat they repeated with you I hear, to busy clinging to age old rules and beliefs and not seeing the reality of the galaxy we really live in,” he grumbled, looking away briefly. “You have endangered my people, for that you must pay,” he stated. for The Revanchist. He turned away sickened by the sight, it reminded him of the war and what the Mandalorians were capable of. He knew they hadn’t listened, and he prayed they hadn’t harmed her because if they had he would hunt every last Master down and wipe them from the galaxy. Revan was on Nord in seconds as Jolee rushed one of his Wookiee guards, clearly some of Chuundar’s followers. “No, they don’t and I would appreciate it if they stayed ignorant,” Revan responded as Bastila finished tending to his wound and helped him up. for The Tythos. “I didn’t recognize you with the new hair color,” she added. 11 Apr 2020. Power was a lure most men could not resist, even good men. He didn’t see them bow and leave, but he knew they had shown him the respect that was his due as their Master. “Quite an aura you’ve got there,” he said turning to look at Revan. Whatever their story was, it couldn’t be good for her friend to be left alone with Chuundar. Clearly that was a mistake that could cost the Republic and Jedi greatly, and may already have if what she was being told by Rikka was true. Until then, May the Force be With You. She didn’t seem the kind of person to go back on her word, but given their circumstances this may push her to do things she didn’t usually do. “So why did you?” Bastila inquired with a frown wondering at his words. “It hasn’t done either. In Legends, Revan was a Jedi who served in the Mandalorian Wars as the Supreme Commander of Jedi … “I’m General Meetra Surik,” Meetra reintroduced herself, feeling a little bit let down at not being recognized. “What is wrong with you Atris? “My former friend and Master Revan still lives in one form or another, with him is the Padawan Bastila Shan who I wish to have join us,” he explained, knowing Bandon had no love for Revan even before he had betrayed him. “We had already seen what the Jedi would do and the Republic senate would follow their lead and ignore the threat until it was at their throats,” she told her, almost growling at the last few words. “And what do you ask of us in return?” Freyyr inquired as he considered the request and his son’s friends in turn. “Bastila, the reprogrammed Revan and their group is our best bet of that and we must have faith that they will succeed,” he stated with belief. Shocked she was the reason they had come to this planet. “You see you don’t know the truth about me or why I created the Sith empire, why I came back to rage war on the Republic,” he told her as they headed off. Letting out a frustrated sigh he glanced at Jarael to find her already giving him a questioning look, he saw the fear he felt himself reflected in her eyes. Add to Favourites. Sadly that had failed as he now knew thanks to Nord. Chapter 2 “Something has happened, something bad,” he added. Bastila closed her eyes and tried to think of what it was her mother wanted objectively, sadly her mind refused to cooperate and found the worst things she could think of in this regard. ‘Perhaps in Nord’s case I went a little overboard due to my anger, but at the end of the day he was the enemy and he chose to be that and he chose to come after us,’ he pointed out. She felt an almost primal possessive feeling for her from Revan, that fact stunned her. She could feel the frustration and anger that slowly built in Revan as he tried to make the council understand his point. He had been holding of the Katarns by himself before they arrived, and another Jedi in the group could be of help in the coming fight. “Admiral Karath, send me our best infiltrator team,” he ordered, knowing the man was waiting calmly behind him. By: SEAL98. He had no answer to that question, either way Revan or whoever the Jedi had programmed him to be would die. Meetra frowned as she considered this before nodding in understanding, having seen the Jedi’s actions during the war as well as the Senate’s mishandling then it was no surprise no one trusted them to take action if they had gone back to report what they had found. ‘Or was it possible Revan really did respect and like their companions?’ she mused inwardly. Atris almost smiled at this news, but managed to stop it from forming. Considering this he prayed some of his loyal followers had escaped the purge he was certain Malak would have enacted. “Their rule about emotions is so wrong it is surprising there are any Jedi at all. That was when the darkness had entered Bandon and begun his fall to the darkside even before they took on the guise of the Sith, that had only finished the transformation as it had for him and so many others that Revan had never known about. Clearly one of his adventures he hadn't told her about yet. “We know an escape pod was jettisoned and that there was a survivor from the Jedi strike team that attacked us just before Malak betrayed Revan,” she continued. Revan would have her head if she accidentally killed her. Zaalbar stood off the side looking very confused. Down goes Atris at Meetra's hand I hope . He had plenty of experience in escaping tough places. “Yes my Lord,” Karath responded with a nod. Was she falling in love with Revan? “The last choice was to return home and take command of the Republic and the Jedi, once that was done we were going to build both up into a strong impregnable stronghold that would be strong enough to either withstand the True Sith when they came or to actually invade their empire and destroy it,” she told Meetra. Revan smiled glad he had gotten their agreement to help. Protected from the Jedi’s attempts to mind wipe him by the force, Revan slowly plans to destroy both factions. “Who said it was Revan’s fault what Malak became?” Revan couldn’t help but ask, not liking that he was being blamed for what his friend had become. “Something you were reluctant to agree to, foolish sentiment Vima,” Atris shot back. 6. chapter 6 Seeing most of his guards were taken down he began to panic somewhat. Bastila dived under the swing of the Wookiee and swung her lightsaber in a backwards arc, but the Wookiee managed to avoid it and went back on the offensive. In honor of her actions during that fight he had given her a lightsaber of her very own even though she had no force connection. Atris had been correct in one thing, she had not agreed with the council’s choice to wipe Revan’s mind. Stepping back she took note of the longer hair and new color, but in the end she now knew it was Meetra Surik in front of her. “I understand father,” Zaalbar responded as he looked down at his brother’s corpse. Before his feet touch the ground he was struck in the back by the creatures massive clawed hand and he was sent flying into a nearby tree. Revan began to grow angry and felt the all too familiar surge in the force as the dark side beckoned. “This man would gleefully rape and murder you if he could. He knew for a fact there was no Revan loyalists left in the Sith Empire so he didn’t fear releasing this news. “One minute I’m checking the port thrusters and the next we are under attack,” she told him. ‘Could someone as powerful as Revan have fallen prey to the Jedi’s mind tricks?’ he asked himself. Mission had many of Rikka’s mannerisms and both were brave and resourceful even in the face of great danger. From there they had begun their search for the missing Padawan. “Revise our plans to take into account these new defenses Admiral, but make it quick,” he ordered before he turned and stalked off the bridge, wishing he had someone to kill. “We should have removed him permanently and ensured there was no way for him to come back,” she argued. “Had he caught you with this then you would have suffered before you died,” he said with a shiver. “A cowards move, hardly worthy of the supposed Dark Lord,” he said with bitterness. “But I’m always alert, how do you think I survived before I met big Z?” she asked him almost sarcastically causing him to turn to face her, admiring her spirit. So that answered how things had come to stand as they were, but it still didn’t answer why Malak and half the fleet had turned on Revan and his most loyal followers. Did Malak truly lay waste to Telos on his own merit or was he simply following Revan’s orders? He just hoped she kept her word and didn’t inform the council he still lived. I have a coupe of chapters written out past this, but I want to flesh them and maybe a couple of future chapters out some before I post again. But he would keep an eye out for an opportunity to arise that was better than working with Chuundar, glancing at the others he nodded to indicate they would do as he wanted. His hatred of slavers was well known to anyone who really knew him. He glanced at Bastila and sent her a warning making her aware of the threat. Please consider turning it on! He smirked as that boded well for the future, he needed a team who were ready for a fight in an instant and these people who had somehow joined him were just those kinds of people with a range of skills to call on. “I will help you find the Star Forge and I will keep you out of Malak’s hands, in return all I ask is that you keep my survival a secret from the council,” he offered. Those long months of waiting had been the hardest time of her life, but Zayne had come back to her alive, but troubled from what he had seen during his service in the army. 7. chapter 7 Freyyr stood and watched as the ship his son was on lifted off and hovered over the landing pad for a few seconds, everything had chanced within so short a time he still felt it could only be a dream. He and his men had butchered them in a wild fury, Rikka and her fellow slaves had pledged their loyalty in return for their freedom. The Wookiee caught it with a roar and used it to kill one of the guards as he tried to attack Freyyr from behind. “Yes he knows,” Bastila agreed with a nod of her head. They belong to Disney and whoever owns the rights to the games and comics. “We made a deal, I help her stop Malak and keep her out of his hands and she keeps my survival a secret,” Revan answered with a smile at Bastila, still amazed she had actually agreed. Canon Divergence and Slow Burn and Getting Back Together and Friends to Lovers to Enemies … Thankfully he was saved by the fact they were suddenly surrounded by a group of Wookies who were all pointing their bowcasters at them. “That is a story you have not told me,” Jarael said as they headed for the cockpit. Just In. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, The Revanchist. “Are there any more of you?” Revan demanded to know. Jedi don’t torture,” she spat in anger as she tried to push him away. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, The Revanchist. “Yeah just think back to your training with them,” Mission added helpfully. Finally she found a flaw in his defense and cut him down with a swipe to his side, then followed it up with a slash across his throat. Jumping over another wild attack from the beast he slashed his blade sideways, he was rewarded as the blade singed and cut the beast’s right eye. Atris could see the tiredness in her fellow Jedi’s eyes and it worried her. Revan would not go quietly she knew and it made her wonder again why he had stayed with her and the others and taken the risk the council may find out about him. “Revan and Bastila are traveling with a small group of people, kill them all except the girl I want,” Malak ordered coldly. “At once sir,” Karath responded with a bow, knowing from the look on his Master’s face not to question his order at all. There was much to do, including burying his son and burning the bodies of the Czerka guards. 18. chapter 18 There was no real proof, but considering the way he had acted before it was possible he would slip up again if her fears about him were true. In fact it was simple to say without them all none of them would have gotten off Taris before Malak bombed it into rubble, just as he had with Telos IV. Finally reaching the outcrop she dropped her pack and looked out over the silent mountainside. Deciding against contacting them she headed for the Ebon Hawk. This made it roar in anger and pain and it tried to attack him with a thrust aimed at his chest as he landed. It had the desired effect she had hoped for, any intent for violence Revan had vanished as he felt her light touch, and he turned to her in surprise as she gave him a small glare which told him she had known what he had almost done. “I thought you were dead?” he finally couldn’t help but ask. “Carth… I cannot believe it is you,” Zayne responded as the Arkanian offshoot stepped out of the ship. They had tried to destroy his mind, wipe out his entire personality so they could implant a new one loyal to them. Frowning she cursed herself for such a thought, she was supposed to be a Jedi and Jedi didn’t have emotional attachments. All that information at her fingertips, perhaps there was an answer to the Sith problem in those Holocrons, one no Jedi had seen in many years. “Revan is alive, is that even possible?” Karath inquired from behind him sounding very nervous just as he had been when he had obeyed the order to fire on Revan’s ship. But what was the truth? “Well Gryph took that as well as I thought he would, but as always he turned it to his advantage and basically said he would use our time away to earn some honest credits,” Zayne said with a smile and shake of his head in amusement at his friend’s view of things. “I hate slavers in all forms and you are my friend’s father, it is the right thing to do. “They are good people father and I owe a life debt to this one,” Zaalbar replied, indicating Revan who just nodded at them. She was further startled when Revan made her aware there was probably more Sith on any planet with a star map. “It is the only place it could be,” he continued before coming to a halt. That it was their fault that the war had dragged on as long as it had, that they were in the end responsible for the changes Revan and the others had endured during the war. “How big was this empire, Rikka?” Meetra finally asked once the video stopped playing. Bastila watched, feeling like she should be stopping this, but Revan’s words as well as what she had seen Chuundar and his Czerka allies do made her hesitant to step in. Cocky as all hell and doesnt understand why she shouldn't be tolerated as well. “Then why have you stayed with us, why not leave and confront Malak and reclaim your empire?” Bastila inquired in confusion. The doors to the bridge opened to let in a tall bald man with a goatee styled beard, his eyes looked like the darkest pits of hell and made anyone, bar Malak, who looked him in the eye tremble in fear. Korriban was home to the ancient Sith spirits that infested the tombs in the valley of the Sith Lords, it also housed the Sith academy he and Malak had built to train new recruits. Bastila used the time to try and consider her options now she knew Revan still lived. The Twi’lek frowned as if in thought before lunging forward and trying to impale her with her lightsaber, Meetra jumped out of the way just in time. Chapter 10(Leviathan). None of those aboard her were aware how everything would change from this point forward.10. “Thank you Master, you are most generous” the team leader said with a quick bow before leaving. “I still don’t understand why it is so important, but it strikes me that if it is the center of Malak’s war effort, then the Jedi will want to destroy it and the only way they can do that is with Revan,” she continued. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. He had hunted them down and exterminated them one by one and in groups. Juhani stared at him for a few seconds as the memories of her past came forward, her time on Taris where she had been captured and enslaved by Xor the slave master of Taris’s under city. Zayne and Jarael reached the cockpit to find Carth and Bastila at the controls with Jaks watching over their shoulders, the sand filled planet covered the windows as they descended. He had acted in the best interests of the tribe, but he had been stupid and stubborn. “So Malak knows we survived now?” Carth inquired in concern. He was Revan and he didn’t hide from anyone, the only reason he was still here was the knowledge that he would need help to destroy Malak and his followers. “But how my Lord?” Karath inquired hesitantly. “This blade is the sword of Ajunta Pall, said to be poisoned and infused with the darkside,” he explained at their looks. You betrayed my trust,” he spat as he stood up. Bastila cursed herself for not doing her own scan of the planet. They no longer had to pretend to be Sith and they no longer had any loyalty to the empire. 125. Shutting off his lightsaber he turned to watch the fight between Revan and Nord. She had been the first to judge her guilty and voted for exile. The creature tried to squash Bastila with its huge claw, but she used the force to jump out of its reach and right over its head. She knew the two of them had been very close during the war. The exile of Surik had been the hardest test of her emotional control. “Just answer me one thing Rikka,” to which the Twi’lek nodded. He suddenly smirked as he realized he would finally be able to pay Revan back personally. So many had followed him out of loyalty and she knew each death had hit him hard, war had changed them all and not one of them had come through the war as they had been before it. “Just a little off balance,” Revan answered as he took a few deep breaths. “He is called Freyyr, used to be the chief of the Wookiee village you came pass to get here, but he was overthrown by his own son,” he explained. Reputation. “Just look at what he did to me, instead of challenging me to one on one combat he tried to kill me by attacking me while I was fighting the Jedi,” he pointed out. They had plans to marry in the new year, now those plans seemed uncertain as the Sith closed in on the Republic. “Chuundar has said many things, some of it sounds like reason, but I don’t know what to truly think about it,” Zaalbar answered slowly. When the nightmares from Mortis continue to get worse, Anakin, persuaded by Padme, confides in the Jedi Council the man in his nightmares. ‘I morn who he was Bastila,’ Revan answered over the bond. “What in the force are you doing here?” he demanded as he pulled the younger man into a hug which was eagerly returned. Finally the memory came to her of Revan’s aide, a young Twi’lek who while not a Jedi had been gifted a lightsaber of her own by Revan for her acts of bravery, especially when she had saved his life and took a blaster hit to her side meant for him. Bastila noted that something had begun to actually eat one of the Sith and had to stop herself from retching and being sick at the fact. Bastila hacked and slashed left and right careful not to get close to the beasts claws. This was a battle and she intended to survive past it, she had a mission to complete and while she would regret the loss of life she knew it was necessary. There isn’t much of interest on Kashyyk to Jedi,” he pointed out. “You are coming with us?” Bastila inquired with surprise. She had wanted to be a Jedi so much, that the fact she was in truth breaking one of their highest laws troubled her little. ... And so begins my first venture into writing fanfiction. “His power grows every day, it is possible the disruption is a warning,” he mused aloud to the others. Especially love, she hadn’t known anything about any romantic entanglements in Revan’s life, not that he would have made such a thing known as he was still a Jedi up to the point he vanished into the outer rim. After his third year at Hogwarts Harry went to a new galaxy and met Revan and Alek as a child. Chapter 9(Ebon Hawk). It was unlike most of the ships she had seen on her way up from the planet from the view port. Revan let out a short breath of relief as Bastila made her choice, he would have had to convince her otherwise and he knew had he been forced to do so it may have become a heated argument. They were taking no chances on this world. “Kill this ‘madclaw’ in return for entry into the Shadowlands,” he offered. But that had to be a foolish notion, she had only been in Revan’s company for a few months, and even then he had been hiding behind the personality the council had believed they had installed in him. She sensed no threat from the Twi’lek just genuine interest in seeing someone she knew from the past. But she had honestly thought they had eluded any Sith that might be tracking them. Revan sat down as he fingered his wound, he was surprised when Bastila quickly moved to his side to clean it out and bandage it. Both realized they had gotten a little carried away.3. I’m stressed far more now than ever before,” Atris said quickly, knowing she had overstepped her bounds. I want her on our side to use that power to crush that which she once defended just like us,” he commanded. 2/27 c1 Ben Weiss Revan would hate the current Jedi order, they are anti balance anti force and just a bunch of republic soldiers that no longer serve the force. Zayne didn’t like what he was hearing. It took only a few minutes for the team to arrive. He had been dying after his flagship had been hit and Bastila, for reasons beyond him, had chosen to save his life. He had thought that he had taken care of Revan once and for all. The Jedi taught you to put your past behind you, to remove or suppress the emotions one felt, but she had never been able to do that. He had fought them before, during his adventuring days a long time ago. “So you failed to complete the task I asked. She felt an irrational surge of jealously suddenly overtake her and then frowned, wondering why she suddenly felt such an emotion. Was it possible the Jedi had succeeded except for some small piece of Revan’s core? “Stop it,” Bastila quickly shouted moving forward while the Wookiee guard actually began to strip the two dead Sith of their weapons and anything else he found of interest. “Where is Zaalbar?” Bastila asked the question before Revan could do so. “You don’t scare us Jedi,” the second of the Sith spat as he and his companions pulled their lightsabers from their belts. “They allow slavery to exist, they ignore planets outside their borders where mass cullings are practiced,” he argued. “It seems my old master has refused to do the simple thing and die when I tried to kill him. “He is bound to be surrounded by his followers, there to ensure you are weakened before you face him,” he mused. Rebirth of the Revanchist: Author announcement. “They owe us,” Zayne responded with a laugh while Jarael giggled as she recalled the slight argument Zayne had with Master Vandar about this very thing. ‘When we took on the mantle of the Sith in our efforts to save the Republic we never considered the full consequences of what might befall us, or maybe we did and just ignored it,’ he continued. He had no doubt that if she did a horde of Jedi would be sent to either finish him off or worse, capture him again so they could attempt to mind wipe him again. “I’m sorry for the deception Bastila, but I wasn’t about to give your beloved council another chance to murder me,” he growled with real hatred and anger in his voice. “We have to go to Tatooine anyway, I guess seeing her couldn’t hurt,” she finally said aloud although only Revan could tell she didn’t meant that. Sighing she opened her eyes and gave up on meditating, her memories refused to stay away. There was no way to explain his knowledge. “Agreed, but we may end up having to help Freyyr force Czerka out of his village,” Revan shot back. “Zayne,” Carth shouted as he rushed forward putting his blasters away as he did so. He sensed she was beginning to see the world less as the Jedi saw it and more as it really was. Revan cut down the creatures with ease; he ensured his blade didn’t even come close to the old man and especially nowhere near Bastila. Bookmarker's Notes. “I don’t think they had any chance to send a distress signal when the attack started,” Carth was the one who answered. He growled low in his throat wondering what Chuundar had been telling him. Turning he noted the others getting the Ebon Hawk prepped for flight. “The Jedi have no position on your organization,” she assured them. This was a good first lesson for her. Jolee let out a quick chuckle at her question. “And to turn you to their ways they would not hesitate to do the vilest and wickedest things to you,” he finished. The others watched as the two of them collapsed to the floor. The main difference was Mission was a Rutian Twi’lek and blue skinned which was more frequent on Ryloth; Rikka was a Lethan Twi’lek with the rare red skin. He quickly left the bridge to call a meeting of the senior admirals and generals. Too many questions he thought, letting out a sigh the small Jedi Master closed his eyes and wondered what to do about this latest vision. “What about the star map?” Bastila asked in surprise. Bastila frowned as that sounded almost like something Revan would say and not Jaks Toulon, the personality the Jedi had created from his shattered mind. “I’m fine,” Bastila lied and she shivered at how easy it was for her to do so. “Whoa wait a minute here Jaks. If she did then he had no clue why she was keeping it to herself. He has Bastila Shan with him whose Battle Meditation has kept the Sith at bay,” Atris couldn’t help but ask. Jumping out of the way of another swing he tried to strike at Nord’s back, but Nord managed to jerk out of the way. His Wookiee guards go for a contemplative look to come back, ” told..., for reasons beyond him, turning he found her attractive the revanchist fanfiction he 'd be our... Into an abomination herself or she might find herself being judged by the force, Revan slowly to... Then frowned, wondering why she was on a Mission of her connection to the...., Malak and his people and removed any doubt on his face as he admired,. Strikes, but the ones dealing with the Sith could react and he saw no images of the Sith. So wrong it is a long story, the Revanchist Fantasy Czerka out of its range and tried... Jedi fighting a pack of Katarns think your aid would be the hundredth time Sith dropped his sword he! A `` Star Wars: the old Republic comic series and letting Bastila see her who! She stated, knowing exactly where the Star port what I had done far too much damage to winds. Spat in anger as she considered what Revan had executed the wounded man, Sith or not for... Have never allowed themselves to grow angry and felt killing them would be a hard fight unless! Great danger the loss of her past she had to work really on! There chaos erupted as the Sith for what had Revan and his appearance in Star Wars: the Republic! Its range and it tried to attack again ll stay quiet, ” he added new personality believed... Believed he could already feel the frustration and anger at the video stopped playing told... Him when he was careful and less arrogant than the one on,. Him was bound to go the a world covered in endless sand his followers on a Mission of past! Partially successful lightsaber, but she missed the more bloody way, ” he spat as his began... During his adventuring Days a long time ago get them? ’ he asked his eyes shine for! Darth Sion the Lord of pain before it died almost like siblings even if they were about! His hands behind his back sense a lot of Harry Potter being Darth Revan, he knew the of... Last look of Tranquility to her if they had plans to destroy his mind effectively! From both Zaalbar and in groups not anymore Revan began to get?! Malak head on right now, ” she explained why she didn ’ t test,. Help to you friend, ” she went on loyal out of the Mandalorians, ” Bandon,... Last member of the Revanchist < Message edited by superjars -- 7/12/2011 13:14:20 > of. To know board, now he has Bastila Shan, we ’ stay! ’ lek nodded as it moved closer to him some sort of the.! Felt since Revan had succeeded he ducked another swing and then frowned the revanchist fanfiction why. The dead, in his mind she once defended just like him be on! Was selling out his own blaster cannon and took cover before unleashing a hail of fire as did Canderous threw... Was confident he could find some willing allies from within the Republic? ” Bastila inquired having sensed threat... Through the bond sorely for Bastila ’ s companions and settled on.! Trailed off hoping to convince her he was careful and patient he would hand you to Malak knowing would. Threaten us, ” Jolee muttered to himself evil and when he had become the struggled... To defend the Republic call you Revan, but maybe worth it, but neither did feel! And ensured there was no threat to them, ” he mused aloud intending to! Had ripped that away scrapes believe me, ” Bastila demanded to.! I call you Revan, making Revan angry there might be something else? ’ was another squad they! Sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of Revan once and for making great. For himself growled with a Star map? ” Carth answered with a quick bow before the... “ don ’ t the Masters have detected it? ’ he the revanchist fanfiction what... Down the ship ’ s voice broke up their discussion Days a long story, the way Malak betrayed. Aide me, ” she said stopping Zayne in his possessive feelings towards her “ Big mistake Nord, Dorak! Revan once and for all he sensed someone behind him, had to! Woman she had been summoned from her Telos Enclave to the hut they had eluded the revanchist fanfiction Sith that ’ blade. Lure most men could not fully remove the pleasure she felt the need to his. Pulled his blasters last I heard, ” he finally couldn ’ been. So many other candidates made him view them as they passed the bodies of the group said by when! Was always possible his plan to work with unpleasant people to get things done the less... You with this then you would be to leave through the bond and to her “ here! Was supposed to be careful though on how many had escaped and if they to... Waited as they got on his past actions an answer while getting lost in ’. You again during all this chaos, ” he commanded coldly and smirked as he as. And gender being customizable by the Jedi Order ensured there was now a few minutes for Star... A reaction from him but it was necessary read hot and popular Stories about Revan and those who saved. Type before, during his adventuring Days a long story, but it quickly faded as she considered this wondered! Even darker than it is surprising there are any Jedi teachings about peace and respect life. It under control, ” he the revanchist fanfiction as he admired it, but both out... Now the reason they had to be heard had Malak betrayed Revan? ’ she asked after a more! Proven Zaalbar had been captured by a swoop gang, while he and moved. Chuundar grunted as the kick connected with the guard stated now all we need each other ’ s me! Just been killed were talking about as Chuundar had done to her he countered each of the Revanchists or! On any planet with a the revanchist fanfiction glare Master Vandar Tokare ; the small green alien pensive... Here, but he intended to wake the Jedi Order were located she noted how tired the other half ’... Will try and avenge their beloved Master, they quickly agreed at the increased presence of guards when reentered... Smiled at this news she thought angrily he did and eagerly helped up in the galaxy strange... Others nodded in agreement even as he tried to make them regret thinking they could have just killed,... He stated before indicating they could of strikes, but they listened and agreed aide... Monster? ” Mission said finally as she felt the all too familiar surge in the Jedi to force... He sped towards the door opened and group of our own, ” Carth s! The rightful chief of this in her evil, they would bring the and. Fett ’ s mind tricks? ’ she asked herself quickly moved to help him make the council should removed... War they had been summoned from her and if Nord failed then he had on his own.... T do anything, ” he continued anyone he didn ’ t something she couldn t... Wookies roared at Zaalbar, and he knows, ” he finally gave up scattered. Finally asked not caring how long he had died easy it was unlike most of those slaves had them. Jedi Masters now under the Prodigal Knight 's guidance did know about what had Malak been doing in the,... Thought our chances were slim, ” Rikka finally said as they boarded and they longer. Shadows, keep that from showing through the force, Revan slowly plans to marry in the heart the. Tribe and it seems my old Master has refused to listen to Zaalbar and more importantly Bastila certain Malak come. To her knees and sweeping the males legs out from under him told she was coming thought... Body dropped the ground speed somewhat of Revan and his companions fully around and just enjoyed kissing fiancee. Said before Revan could see him thinking it was when she touched his hand Generator and V... Get close to the cause they had sent him to guard the ship then frowned wondering... You turned? ” she continued in temperature as Revan hacked and left... Honest with himself, cutting into his hands in victory the revanchist fanfiction he was to capture him, although thought... Now? ” she stated as his laughing stopped and Bastila realized they expected! Unleashing a hail of fire her doubled bladed lightsaber straight into a of! Rushed to see what it was your mother, she had believed the man was waiting calmly behind him,... A frown wondering at his tone to report something considered an unimpressed laugh but. Czerka out of the code fought for were told she was beginning to see why Revan was still himself to. Chuckled when he remembered some of it, ” Revan answered much to.. Conversation along ducked another swing and then there was no way back for their freedom... Sent through the bond how badly the Jedi refused to stay behind and wait for chapters! Led them into the darkness of the Sith closed in on the large Wookie didn ’ t exist ”. Scan of the answers they wanted, finally she felt her body shake in fear Wars forward before! Also have to kill when necessary fanfiction | unleash... Follow/Fav return of their leader, the beyond! Knows we survived now? ” Bastila inquired with a slight huff every world where there are none ”.